Month: November 2011

Kou Dut Kou

My name is Kou Dut Kou. I was born on 24/04/1990 in a place called Liliir. Liliir is located in Bor; the largest city of South Sudan’s Jonglei State. I was born and raised up in difficult time. The second

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5K-Dash For Southern Sudan: Run or Walk and be a World Changer

Special thanks to our board of directors, staff, and volunteers for their hard work. Thanks especially to our sponsors, and to those who donated or participated in our 5k run/walk, Dash for South Sudan. The event was a great success

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Ajak John Ateng- My Life

Ajak John Ateng is an 18 year male from the Liliir Area of South Sudan. Ajak is studying at Daystar University in Nairobi, Kenya. The LEP asked that for his first blog post he write about his life:

First of all, my father die at my younger age, when I was one year old of age, during that time I cannot be able to recollect his face very well, but after my father die, things were not good for me, but thank God that my mother take care of me with my brothers and sisters. Went I grew up enough to understand a few proverb, I realized that I have no father after I saw that people go to console a woman whose Husband had died because of hungry and disease has well.

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