Seeing my mom

I haven’t seen my mother in 10 years and I’m eager to see her again. Just like many South Sudanese families, my family is scattered across Sudan and neighboring countries by the civil war.  But unlike many other Sudan Lost Boys who went to the United States; I was very fortunate enough to see my mother in 2001 before my departure to the U.S.  Although it has been ten years since I saw my mother, I have maintained a very close relationship with her.  She is the best mom in the whole world. I talk with her on the phone regularly and she always advised me to appreciate the love and support I get from my American Family.

My mother lives with nieces and nephews in Kakuma in Kenya.  Kakuma is almost two days awayby   car from Nairobi and there are no commercial planes. I have a plan to register the LiliirEducation Project with Government of South Sudan as an NGO before Christmas holiday; thus, going to Kakuma to see my mother would cost me a considerable amount of time. Instead, my mother will come to meet me in Nairobi.

My mother arrived to Nairobi two days after me. She was travelling with my nieces and nephews; they arrived to Nairobi at 11am and my brother went with taxi to pick them up at the bus stop. They arrived home at noon. After 10 years, I still recognize my mother’s voice. I peeked out through the curtain, and there she was, embracing my nieces and nephews who were playing outside. I stood up to embrace my mother, but she stopped at the door, put her purse down, and took out a Bible and small wooden cross holding one in each hand and bowed her head down in prayer. She prayed for about five minutes, and as I watched her pray, I became too emotional andalmost shed tears. Then she opened her eyes and smiled; she has the world’s whitest teeth and amazing smile ever. My mother opened her arms wide to hug me and we hugged for a while. Being reunited with the family is always a good thing and was one of the best moments of my life.  I Thanks God for reuniting me with my family in Kenya, and I pray for a safe journey to meet the rest of the family in South Sudan.

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