Month: November 2012

National News Media is South Sudan Biggest Ally- (Brent M)

Until recently I found newspaper and media in general useful but often times biased and well, dreary. I was told that honest reporting was essential in so many ways. News provides citizens with a way to keep informed about important

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Nov 2012:The Dowry System and How it Pertains to Women’s Rights (Ajak)

Our country South Sudan, the land of God, is respected in the world for her mythological culture, the deep belief in almighty and religious nature of different kind has made South Sudan a well cultured Country and sadly there are

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Nov 2012: Marriage and the Dowry System in South Sudan (Kou)

South Sudan’s Greater Upper Nile and Greater Bhar el Ghazel States have almost similar marriage pattern. The parents in these states control marriage decisions of their sons and daughters. They make exclusive decisions to organize marriage on behalf of their

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Jok is featured on Gonzaga University’s new TV ad!

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President Kiir congratulates President Obama and relations between the two countries

Interesting information about US/South Sudan relations and why they might be strained between the US and South Sudan. South Sudan’s Kiir Congratulates Obama On ‘Impressive Victory’.

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Interesting articles on South Sudan’s judicial issues and students protest

South Sudan’s prison system is having trouble. They are trying to go from a local tribal judicial system to a Western model that requires transparency, education, etc… Also, Student protests in Juba became violent.

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