Month: March 2013

March 2013: My Thoughts on Living in Nairobi (Kou)

On my first day in Nairobi, as I throng through the city, I was so quick to conclude that Kenya is a diverse heterogeneous nation as I repeatedly saw veiled Muslim women (looking like Sudanese) and Arabs, Indians and other

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LEP adding a female scholarship student. Apply now!

The LEP is pleased to announce we will be adding a female scholarship student this year. Applicants must meet certain criteria including being from (or their spouse being from) Alian. For full info on scholarship requirements please click on the

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Feb 2013: Personal Responsibility (Ajak)

Personal responsibility is the way to a better life. They more you take personal responsibility with passion for every single movement of your life the more every part of your life improve automatically. The only path to move beyond our

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Feb 2013: Responsibility (Kou)

Responsibility  may suffice as a voluntary activity that one can undertake to fullfil his or her needs, or it may as well be any kind of task that others require one to fullfil. In either way, the impact of taking

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