Month: June 2013

June 2013: Dinka Culture in Practice (Ajak)

The Dinka also known as ‘’Jieng’’ in local language is one of the largest ancient tribe of sub-Sahara Africa, the can be found in country of the republic of South Sudan. It is the biggest tribe among the tribes of

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May 2013: Why So Many Rebellions In South Sudan? (Kou)

A number of issues stemming from historical effects, injustice, poor leadership and immature political systems, ignorance and selfishness are responsible for perpetuating the frequent rebellion movements in South Sudan. As you read through my notes, you will get to learn

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Socialism for South Sudan? (Brent M)

With the exception of possibly Generation Z, every living generation in the United States has gone through a life study on the dangers of communism, the perils of socialism, and merits of a free market. From Vietnam, the Soviet Union,

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May 2013: Orphans (Ajak)

The causes of parent loss are varied throughout the world, from natural causes, catastrophe of wars, violence and pandemic diseases. In some countries like China female children have been devalued to a level that they are abandoned in the streets

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