Month: July 2013

Can we collect enough plastic bottles around Alian to make this happen? (link)

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Jok and Brent Speak at the Rotary North Tacoma Meeting

Jok and Brent spoketoday in front of the Tacoma Rotary North. Special thank to all for the donation. We now have money donated for school supplies and desks. You are all amazing. Thank you!  

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TED Talk about educational technology and the Kahn Academy

Interesting. Whether you agree or disagree, the power of technology in rural areas is remarkable. We may be able to use it in our school to support teachers and open up endless learning possibilities for students.

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Jok talks to Meridian Middle School Students (Video)

In the spring, Jok spoke to Meridian Middle School about history and life in South Sudan. They were amazing students and raised money for the LEP. The Bellingham Herald was nice enough to cover Jok speaking after his presentation to

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July 2013: Females Leaders. Less War? (Ajak)

A Response Too: Why More Female Leaders Won’t Mean Less War by Rosa Brook Everyone can answer her. Women are from the Mars too, it obvious that the world is made up of two kinds of people men and women.

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June 2013: Controversial Cultural Practices (Kou)

In an age characterized by increasing civilizations, where each ideology is subjected to further refinement, countries aiming at preserving their cultures such as S.Sudan should be more critical and ideal. In this age, certain things may be ethical but culturally

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Happy Independence Day South Sudan! On this day, let’s reflect on what has and still needs to improve….

Today marks the second anniversary of South Sudan’s independence. Criticism and joy are the talk of the day. Aid workers take on South Sudan right now: Activists call out Kiir:

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Roads, South Sudan’s #1 Priority (Brent M)

If you asked 10 people what they thought was the most important fundamental item to a successful country you would probably come up with a number of different answers involving security, food, etc. Well in fact I did, and their

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