Month: September 2013

Sept 2013: Drug Abuse in East Africa (Ajak)

To what I have digested from the article of  Meth in Karachi, I was able to come up with this influential topic ‘’ Drug Abuse in our East Africa. The problem of drug addiction and drug abuse is the global

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Pope John Paul II High School Today!

Headed down to Pope John Paul II High School in Lacey to pick up money for our secondary school. Students are amazing. They pledged $15,000 and getting close! We are going to unveil the school design to them.

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Sept 2013: Gradual Growth of the Drug Industry in East Africa (Kou)

As I was reading an article on the Foreign Policy website, I was inspired to write about drugs issues in South Sudan and East Africa in general. The use of illicit drugs is on the rise in East Africa. Recently,

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