March 2015: My Personal Experience with Women’s Rights (Aguet)

The only way I can improve women’s right in Uganda and Africa as a whole is to be an advocator for their education right and gender based violence is a bad thing. This is because through education women shall know their rights. It will help them on how to have control over their bodies. It will help them to have voice in their communities, and live a free life without fearing any violence, and help them fight against sexual abuse. Taking and keeping girls in school would help their future health and improve their family’s welfare. The government must implemented policies against gender based violence by promoting affirmative action in favor of women. Women shall be accorded full equal dignity of the persons with the man. Women shall have the right to equal treatment with men and that right shall include equal opportunities in political, economic and social activities. Respect for human dignity protection from inhuman treatment. If government introduced a law against gender based violence (GBV) in Uganda it will play a big role because law is (or should be) always upheld by the people. Therefore, education is important for women to understand they have control over themselves but if men don’t treat them in a society run by mean as equal, then they will report it immediately. And those men who will continue cruelty against women should appear before court of justice.

No persons shall be subjected to any form of tortured or cruel, inhumanity or degrading treatment or punishment. For example in the tribe called Sabiny, they are still practicing female circumcision, or mutilation of female genital which is so danger to woman health. An example of what I have seen is domestic violence. When I was in a certain village called Mbale, I met a woman who lived on street with her children and I asked her why she is living on street with children. She says “her husband often beat her and chased her away with children.” She also says “whenever she call him concerning the children’s issues at school or medical expenses, he say he has enough space on his land to bury the children.” For me to fix such an abuse against women is to campaign women right and humanity values in meeting places like church, school, market, and community meeting places. Police should stop considering women as an inferior because there is no action taken against men who batter women, but when a wife kills her husband, she almost always ends up in a prison.

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