April 2015: Causes of Poverty in Africa (Aguet)

Poverty is the condition where people’s basic wants and needs are insufficient to be met by a certain group of people. It is of two types; absolutely poverty which is an extreme state in which a person is almost completely lacking basic wants and needs. Relative poverty is the state when people do not enjoy certain minimum level of living standard as determine by government that vary from country to country or the same country. Poverty in Africa is being cause by many factors but the leading factors are corruption and poor governance, war and unending conflict among others.

Corruption and poor governance is the leading cause of poverty in Africa. This is due to the fact that people are being employed by used of nepotism, cronyism, bribery and embezzlement and many others, instead of people qualification. It is due to the fact that African leaders believe that family relatives and friends are more essential than country identity. African leaders are not accountable to those they served, but to themselves. This is why the used money for their own luxuries, for instant buying expensive cars and going abroad for treatment instead of making good hospital, so they used money that would be for development project for individual satisfaction. African leaders used bias and bribery for the gain of their relatives at the expense of their country that is why there is no equitable distribution of resources to citizen. Hence it creates imbalance in society and more poverty because an individual end up with influential and powerful oppressing the poor.

Civil war and unending conflict is another cause of poverty in Africa. This is because the threat of guns shoot, death and serious injuries resulting from war and conflict force people to leaved their home and went to desperate situation. It is the fact that people leaved almost every things behind; house land source of income and most possession are become uprooted from place where they lived. It let them go and search for better alternative place which is none other than refugee camp or marginal situation where they can start living from zero level. It create poverty because people are being displaced from their home to camp where they will never farm again, but depending on United Nations which cannot provided all needs because of overpopulation. Wars and conflicts have also frightened away international investment that would have otherwise helps economic and create jobs opportunities to youths. Therefore, wars and conflicts play a big role that makes it hard to resist poverty, and let Africa be home of poverty.

In conclusion, corruption and poor governance and wars and unending conflicts are major cause of poverty in and Africa. Therefore, the only solution to above mention is integrity and patriotism, and hard working. For we know that God only provide for those who persist, and condemn laziness as sin.

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