June 2015: My experienced in Yatta Plateau (Akim)

Yatta Plateau is a dried area whereby people always depending on water catch mats like Dams. We had visited many gardens which have beautiful crops. You can see one of them here:

Akim Yatta photo




The garden you see here is for a young gentleman who started his business with Ksh20 and now is a rich man with so many gardens and millions of shillings in his account. No lazy person in Yatta as I saw, it is matter of hard work. What the bishop told us was something very encouraging. He showed us a small dam within his compound and told us that his son wanted to get married this year so he must dig the dam for his family. Dam is a part of wealth in Yatta Plateau when you want to get marry.

In Yatta there is no use of money. People get ready foods in their gardens and sell remaining parts to the government and keep money in the banks only. I was almost to remain in Yatta to get my own garden but due to lack of money and equipment that will allow me to have small garden made me return to Nairobi. I hope I will use the experience in my country, South Sudan so that we can reduce poverty and starvation which is killing many people in South Sudan.
My mother and younger sister died of starvation in 1992 due to lack of food that time. I don’t want my kids to die of hunger like my mother and sister. I wanted to have my own garden like what you see here in future. My thanks go to LEP for showing us important of life transformation and community empowerment.

Akijm Yatta 2

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