July 2015: The UN in South Sudan (Akim)

My appreciation goes direct to the UN as the world’s body which is rescuing people of South Sudan from so many difficulties they are living in currently.

UN is playing crucial roles in South Sudan since the war broke out in 2013 up to date. If UN was not in South Sudan, imagine what would have happen? Terrible genocide would have taken place. The number of civilians saved by UN in the camps is high. Immediately when the war broke out in Juba UN opened its camps and allowed people to get protection.

What award will the people of South Sudan have to offer to UN? Who care about civilians more than UN in South Sudan? UN deserved credit for the excellent job. Children, mothers, and elderly people are in UN protection as they are waiting for peace to come and go back to their residential areas, but partial hope as talk between government and rebels still progressing.

The next round of talk in Addis Ababa of Ethiopia is the last hope for South Sudanese that will take place on July 24th 2015 with the involvement of UN, US, Norway and UK. Peace is the only option for South Sudanese than war.

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