July Blog 2015: Insecurity (Jacob)

The insecurity is whereby people life as well as their properties are being threated or endangered by certain group of people or certain tribe. The insecurity is the root cause of Africa being left behind in terms of infrastructure development, improvement of life standard, commercial development and social amenities development. The insecurity is essential issue need to be address in Africa by Africa’s leaders for the progress of the Africa continent.

For the first instance, South Sudan especial Jalle payam territory had been a war zone since the beginning of war in Sudan in 1983. Jalle payam had been the entering point of any enemies who want to go to Bor Town for example Nuer in 1991 and Arab entered to Alian from the East where it is less expected in 1988 killing many innocent people and demolished properties. The Murle became the most disaster to Jalle payam since it is located in the boundary between Bor county and Twice East county. The Murle attacked people at night, killing people and abducted children. During the daytime, they (murle) steal the cattle which are the main source of livelihood to many people. After the cattle had been stolen, some people migrate to other part of the country to seek for the source of livelihood, for example Juba, Eastern Equatorial and other countries like Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia. This made Jalle payam less populated at the present due to the insecurity which scattered the people all over. Therefore, insecurity is the key cause of depopulation of Jalle payam as well as South Sudan at large.

In addition to the insecurity problems, the insecurity has cause inadequate development of social amenities, infrastructure as well as commercial development. The insecurity initiated the displacement of people from their localities in all over South Sudan causing an inadequate development of social amenities since the schools and hospitals cannot be build where there is no children to learned and no people to be treated. Moreover, infrastructure is the devastating problem in South Sudan as well as the entire Africa. The workers are shying away from the work because they can possibly losing their life in place of work since the security provided to them is limited and cannot give them the maximum security. Without infrastructure, the commercial development can’t take place. There will be no road to transport the raw materials in case of industries and products for sale from the other part of the country and other countries. The investors shy away from investment because of lack of infrastructure as well as insecurity problem.

In summary, the insecurity is the causes of all problems in South Sudan as well as the entire Africa. The leadership which will facilitate a secure environment have to be created to provide maximum security to the citizens. If there is maximum security for the citizens, then the citizens will settle down in their native land and definitely the development of social amenities, infrastructure and commercial will occur. This is how the problems of insecurity should be control in Africa especially South Sudan.

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