Month: October 2015

October Blog: Building a Referral Hospital – Reec

If I am to start a business in South Sudan, I will set up a private hospital that will deal with various health problems. South Sudan, like any other war torn country, lacks essential health facilities to care for the

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October Blog: New Market for Selling Cattle – Akim

My main dream is to develop a system that will be use by my people back home to benefit them. The system that I wanted to develop will be farm system. In South Sudan crime of cows stealing is common

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October Blog: Sugar Cane, Rice, and Vegetables Firms – Ajoh

In this world, it needs monopolistic business for you to invest in, provide you have a capability and resources to commence that business.  Lack of requirements and resources halt people for progress with their decisions of starting up unique businesses.

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October blog: Opening a Private School-Aguet

A private college is an independent school that sets its own policies and goals, and is privately funded. The following are reasons I should Open University in Bor Town; being only one private university, and my community beneficial. The major

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5K Run/Walk Dash for South Sudan 2015 pictures

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