October blog: Opening a Private School-Aguet

A private college is an independent school that sets its own policies and goals, and is privately funded. The following are reasons I should Open University in Bor Town; being only one private university, and my community beneficial.

The major reason I should open private university as my business is because, it should be only one private university. This is because there are many students who are willing to study, but can’t afford tuition fees and accommodation when they go to other part of the country, so it will be a great opportunity to them to study while at their home; and not paying accommodation again and feeding fees. I will be a great opportunity to me as my institution will be enrolling huge number of students every semester. It will be profitable because of the highly population, which will be joining at my school. Therefore, it will be a great chance for me as I will be earning a lot of money, and my fellow’s brothers and sisters who are going to study there, as it will minimized their burden of tuition, accommodation, and feeding fees.

Another reason to open private university as my business is because it should benefit me as well as my people. This is because it can provide social services like education to local people in the community, as some students will be willing to teach at high school and primary as well. It can create job opportunities to the community, for example, through employing in varies sectors like security guards, cleaners, and cooks. It can also provide high rate marketing through purchasing goods from varies producers such as furniture from carpenters. It brings development to the community through infrastructures building; and also provides security to the community through employing well-armed security personnel. Therefore, community will benefit from university through education, employment, and security.

In conclusion, it will be a great opportunity to me to be the first to Open University and my community as they will also benefit from it.

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