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South Sudanese armies are less considerable, yet their worthy defense deserve high consideration.

Consideration: is the process or state of considering, regarding, valuing someone as important or knowing their worthy, or taking everything of them into account. There are three  major facts about less consideration of South Sudanese armies, namely: less payment, salary delay, and lack of health facilities.

Less payment: is the payment in which an individual is given small amounts as his/her salary or wages either monthly or daily. South Sudanese armies are less considerable, because of the less salaries they earn monthly. This is the fact that they are given 600 South Sudanese pound per month, which is equivalent to $25 U.D. This salary does not sustain their families because it is too little, as can’t even affords sack of floor only. This money does not affords family’s medication, children school’s fees and their clothing, so it make their families living hard. Therefore, It’s so painful to see their families suffering and less doers are the one enjoying their sweat. It’s so unfair for the government by paying them with such undermining salaries, yet they defense the country, and keep it peacefully and a better place for living.

Another major fact about less consideration of South Sudanese armies is delay of their salaries. Salary delay: is a state in which salaries are given to employees after the right time. This is because they are given their salaries after two to three month without being paid which is totally unfair, yet they don’t have other source of getting money apart from their salaries to supports their families, because they don’t ran other business apart from being at the borders defending their people and country from rebels. And to make it worse, that salary does not sustain their families for month. Therefore, delay of their salaries make their families living hard, and severe suffering from sickness and starvation. It could be better if that little money is given in time.

Last, but not the least fact about less consideration of South Sudanese armies is lack of health facilities. Lack of health facilities: is an inadequate or insufficient of health facilities to maintain healthy equilibrium of the people. South Sudanese armies less considered because they face many challenges about less care and lack of health facilities. Their barracks or billet are not well develops, no good sanitation at their living places, and good hospital. They don’t good food, and there is insufficient of nutrients and balance diets. They don’t have medicine and qualified doctors, so their treatment is not that well done, and it’s worse for injured soldiers. They are not given tents, mosquito’s nets and blanket, so they suffer severe coolness rain, and mosquito disturbing them all the time. But living in such situations cause some diseases such as malaria and bronchitis. Therefore, it’s so crucial for government to provide armies with mosquito’s nets, tent, and qualified doctors for their better, and standard living.

Conclusion; less payment, salary delay and lack of health facilities are majors fact about less consideration of South Sudanese armies, and they are first priority to be address. Because it’s good to pay armies with enough salaries which can sustain their families living standard and to let them provides their families with basic need. Pay them in time, but not after two to three month without payment, and also good doctors and enough health facilities.

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