Month: March 2016

March blog – Reec – My Life Mentor – Mother

MY LIFE MENTOR A mentor is a person who contribute to one’s success whole or partially. In football, coaches are the best mentors for their team players. Some coaches do good job that they stay for long time with the

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March Blog: Ajoh – South Sudanese Women as Heroines

THE SOUTH SUDAN WOMEN AS HEROINES The hero or the heroine is simply a person who has done something considerate in the society, country as well as the entire universe. Also they are the people who showed concern and struggle

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March Blog – Recheal: My Mentor – Nelson Mandela

MY HERO. I have always dreamt of helping my people, caring for them and doing selfless efforts to make sure that the society I lived in is peaceful and hardworking, but those have been dreams. They never happened but I

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