September Blog – Aguet: Fun Facts About Myself

I cry when I think about my relatives and friends who have some challenges. I feel pity about what they are going through, and imagine I was the one. It hurt me more because the little support I may give is inadequate and insufficient in term of financial, so I just end up crying.

I hate lies even when it may please me at that moment, and I love truth even when it may hurt me at that particular time. Because lie can comfort at short period of time and hurt for life time, whereas truth may hurt at that particular time and comfort for a life time.

I love those who hate me more than those who love me. This is because I look after what I don’t have to get it, and they are things I need in my life too. I have no time to hate them back as I am busy making love.

I love my traditional dance to the extent that I value it than taking breakfast in the morning. The reason being is that he/she who doesn’t know where he came from doesn’t where he/she is going to. It is through my past that I will learn and correct mistakes.

I was to make this world a better place for everyone. But because people used violence to be leaders, I could not do that as mechanism of being a leader. Furthermore, most people want to be leaders to fulfill their need, which is not my case, so I will be antagonistic with corruption ambitious.

I am humble for I have no need to brag. I believe that before God we are all equal. I also believe that I am not the first nor I will be the last person to achieve something good there have been, and there will be people achieving great things. All I do is to praise almighty God for that opportunity.

I am social to everyone regardless of races, religion, ugly, beautiful, handsome, short, tall, able or disable among others. I love being myself and being yourself. I believe that there is no day I will be you or you will be me, but for who you are and who I am we can understand each other.

I love being corrected when I did mistake. This is because I don’t want to repeat the same mistake. It show me sign of love from those who corrects me because only enemies who wish whom the hate to do more mistake than good. Whereas lovely people would like one to do less wrong than good.

I hate politics! The reason being is that people have made it to be a dirty game. Furthermore, people take it as a pride and make themselves being masters, but supposed to be slave of serving their citizens.

I support who is right, but not who is related to me or friend. This is because I don’t tolerate nepotism. Thus, supporting relatives or friends who is not right make me a liar too.

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