January Blog – by Ateng Kuany: Are Distracted by Technology?


Technology has reflected a positive sense in a way of assisting me in getting rid of tough things easily but I cannot close my eyes to the fact that technology has come with its own negativities. There are times I spend much time watching movies online daily while postponing important tasks in life especially assignments. This can lead to failure but I have not reached that level of allowing myself to fail. Sometimes I regret having technology in my time. It disrupts me such that instead of focusing on the main task until its completion, I get much destruction. This is made worse when using my smartphone from which I can access many things using different applications. I download movies and games most of the time.

Technology has brought in other devices like the   iPhone, Facebook, iPads and videos games. Digital technology serves a good purpose but at the same time distracts me from keeping at doing what is productive as per my timetable. When I watch movies or play some games on the screen, it seems to be interesting to me but I have experienced the destructive part when I spend long hours on the screen it causes my eyes to feel irritated. My fear is should this persist it can damage my eyes. I have also observed that many people are getting to use spectacles because of the effects of the computer screen. I do not want to be part of this group of people.

Apart from this, I have noticed that digital technology has reduced my critical thinking ability. I used to sit down and think over issues or personally think out an answer to a certain question. This sharpened my mind and improved my creativity but that is no longer the case. Sometimes I wonder how I allowed digital technology to steal away my creativity. I have a Wikipedia problem because when I am asked a question I have a tendency to rush to Google site because I need ready answers. It is as if I am losing my confidence myself by trusting Google site to provide me every answer to a problem that I need to solve.

In addition to this, reality is now less interesting than how I view it on digital technology. Taking example how virginity was valued in Traditional African setting and how it was given priority in marriage, this is not the case anymore. People are no longer concerned about virginity due to rapid growth of digital technology that influences many people to look at life in a way that is not realistic. Television has exposed the young generation to sex and opened their mind to think of the possibility of pre-marital sex. Fornication which was taboo is now commonplace. The word sex that was a hidden word and that no child would ever talk about carelessly is now heard in many sources like musicians when presenting their songs on stage or on televisions.

Technology has destructed me personally from attending to important issues in life especially classwork.


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