January Blog – Daniel Aguet Nhial: Are You Distracted by Technology?


Technology has positive as well as negative impact. Although it is praised for making work easier, saving time, making communication easy, and helping in conveying information within a short period of time, it can also be a real destruction. I have been distracted by technology especially when I get hooked to social media sites.

Facebook, WhatsApp, video games, web surfing, Viber, Instagram, Round, television among others tend to steal some of my time. More often than not, I do not intend to spend most of my time this way. Digital technology is interfering with my studies such that when I go to the cyber cafe purposely for research work, I end up wasting my precious time especially on WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook.

Digital technology has also shortened my attention span. For instance, someone could be talking to me physically but I end up not responding because of incoming text messages. This distracts me more when I am reading and receiving text messages at the same time. In such situations, I end up feeling obliged to quit reading my notes and opt to chat in the pretext of researching on the Internet.

I find Wikipedia information very clear and simple to understand. It is well summarized, and detailed, even though I easily give up when I do not find answers fast enough. I can confidently say that I do not have much of the Wikipedia problem because I do not heavily rely on it for my answers. Even if I face some challenges with Wikipedia, I endure because I keep hoping I will get what I want.

The time I usually spend in front of a screen depends on what I am doing. For example, doing assignments, researching, chatting on Facebook, checking handouts for lecture notes and playing games. All these costs me almost four hours per day.

Technology is supposed to promote my ability to write but often messes with this ability to write. I tend to forget correcting my own simple spelling mistakes due to the fact that I easily get suggestions of words from the computer when I am typing. It is also getting in my way of communication because some people tell me what I think they could not otherwise tell me on my face. Due to this I am losing confidence because I now find it difficult to talk with someone face to face when I have an issue to deal with.

Digital technology destructs me a lot from homework. There are times I leave my assignments and watch television, listen to music, or someone else can destruct me by playing music very loudly. In most cases I end up doing nothing other than stop reading because of his/her noise.

Considering the above mentioned, I can say that technology has more negative impact than we think. Technology is good but given the negative experiences I have had, I would like to warn the young generation to use technology at the right time, in the right place, and for the right purpose. If wrongly used, technology can become a real destruction to learning. These destructions can lead to potential failure in studies for us students. Looking at my past use of digital technology, I choose to use technology cautiously.



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