January Blog – Ghai Panchol: Are you Distracted by Technology?


Technology is just like anything else in this world that can be used for either good or bad.

Looking at the negative side of it, technology can be destruction indeed. This destruction is universally felt. It is a powerful distraction for me in particular. The more I use digital technology, the more I find myself wasting time easily. I notice too late that time has quickly passed by whenever I overindulge in digital technology. The more I spend time on Facebook, my phone and others, the more I get hooked on them. In my view, in as much as devising many types of technology has improved my life and that of others; it has led to many distractions in my learning.


The use of telecommunications has helped me in multitasking but I have noticed that it reduces my attention span too. Facebook and WhatsApp in particular have reduced my attention span and the efficiency of in-depth thinking activities I engage in. It looks like I now concentrate less on essential activities like homework. Generally my ability to concentrate on my studies has been affected. May be I need to avoid excess multitasking with technology communication gadgets, keep focused on my school work and train myself to concentrate on important things instead of switching on and off my Smartphone in between my learning time.


My need for socializing leads me to engage in texting, communicating in social networks and sending instant messages. Sometimes I want to escape from the society and I go to the video games! Sometimes the tendency to procrastinate makes me surf various websites, watch videos and I also go to shared links with others.


The more progress technology makes, the more I rely on it but too much use of technology for entertainment does affect my academic work and performance. Personally, Facebook like any other social media is good to me because I am able to access it and share articles online with my fellow students. It acts as a forum of learning. However, Facebook at times diverts me from my studies now that I have got used to it. I can use Facebook either for my benefit as a student or for evil. It all depends on how I approach it.


The use of iPad technology diverts my attention from homework most of the time. Sometimes I over-use Facebook on my iPad. This is when I search for information which is unnecessary and when I allow myself to share worrisome information from thousands of people. It is possible to abuse iPad to an extend of using it for watching blue movies but I have not reached that level and do not wish to because I see the negative effects on some of my friends.


My Smartphone causes me problems. It is a distraction that makes me not to get things done on time especially my classwork. Somebody may be texting me or I may be watching video games when at the same time I need to get my homework done.  Having my smartphone near me is not the best thing when am in class because a friend can text me and I feel like replying. Sometimes I see my fellow students having the entire Internet on their laptop and this completely draws my attention away from classroom activities. I get distracted at times because of the temptation to surf the Internet. My Smartphone takes me away from many important things that I need to do and that should be given first place. I have become so dependent on my smartphone that I sometimes tend to forget that the real world is still happening around me. While lecturers are on, I may lose attention to the real business of the hour, but instead, keep browsing, using WhatsApp and making online calls immediately I get out of class.


Above everything, I consider technology to be a distraction in spite of the much good it brings. I am distracted most of the time since I use technology every day. It is evident from the way my colleagues and I use technology that it is a sure distraction for me and for them. It is for this reason that I am thinking of using digital technology with guidance from within me so that it may not be an obstacle to my studies. I now want to start watching how well I use technology when it is within my reach.






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