January Blog – Jacob Ajoh Anyieth: Are You Distracted by Technology?


When it comes to communication, technology advancement makes one’s life easy and simple by accessing information from different parts of the world as well as making people from various places to get in contact with one another. However, technology has its own merits and demerits depending on how we use technology equipment and tools. Social media like Facebook, videos games or games, WhatsApps et cetera when used carelessly, ruins the behaviour and character of the youth who have little or no knowledge or understanding of the effect of technology on their lives.

Personally, digital technology does not affect my concentration span either in class or anywhere   else. It is my principle that when am in church, meetings or class, I usually switch off any digital electronics or putting them on silent mode like the mobile phone, Bluetooth, earphone, headphones, tablets and other digital devices to avoid destruction. This makes it possible for my attention span not to be affected by digital technology.

Technology has made many things possible. It has many merits. For example, in dissemination of messages and talking in case of telephone. It also has demerits, for example, where facial expression is desirable when talking to another party. However, the limitation of the facial expression can be countered by use of other applications. Personally, I can detect non-verbal communication   from the vocals of the person when talking or even in writing. I do not think it is such a big issue because this can be sorted through video call applications in Imo, Skype and Viber which are now available. This implies that I can call a person, for example, through Imo in case the facial expression is much needed.

Wikipedia also makes life easy because sometimes when I need an urgent answer I use the website. I do not consider “Wikipedia” a problem to me because I do not consider it the only source of the answers I need. I can individually produce relevant answers which are appropriate to the questions. I can also ask the lecturer to give me tips on how to answer the questions. As an engineer, I need not to rely on the Wikipedia answers too much but to produce the original answers myself or sometimes modify the existing answers as well as see through some weakness of the already produced answers. However, when I do not get answers from the “Wikipedia”, I read textbooks on that topic and produce answers that I need or I see the lecturer.

Moreover, when it comes to the time of doing homework, I usually put my phone to silent mode to avoid distraction. I do love to be in the front of my computer screen to do some computer programming and any other homework. I rarely spend my spare time in front of the screen since we have limited time. On the other hand, my classes commence at 8 a.m. and end at 6 p.m. This limits the time I spend in front of a screen.

The digital technology has enhanced my communication locally and worldwide, either in form of writing or talking.

In conclusion, the discovery of the digital technology is the one of the important discoveries in the world of technology. The demerits of digital technology are limited compared to the merits. As for the destructions, it is about managing them as an individual and focusing on letting technology work for us. Thinking technology is thinking life made simple but accompanying destructions are either obvious or hidden. It all depends on how we use it.



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