It is my utmost longing to give something back to my community through my profession. I want to give my community a voice that can be heard by bringing them together on major health issues.

When I was growing up, I had a dream of helping my people in a special way. The dream almost died until I got on a scholarship program offered to me by Liliir Education Project (LEP). As for giving back to my community, I dream again and again every other day. In the dream I see myself shoulder high and all eyes on me as I take a lead in giving back to the community which was deposited in me as a nurse. Armed with my nursing skills, I want to go beyond the call of duty and make a difference in my community. In this way I will be appreciating my community that helped shape me, but more so expressing my deep felt gratitude to LEP for making my dream come true.

Many people in my community find it hard to easily access healthcare facilities. Some live in ignorance on the benefits of seeking medical attention. Most people in my community do not keep an eye on their health. They seem to be stuck in the old ways of doing things. These, coupled with existing negative attitudes towards modern healthcare makes them lean more on the cultural and traditional rituals which though not bad pose a danger to health. People have excuses for not seeking medical help when need be. I also know that my people’s belief system is a major block to accessing proper health care. I want to sensitize my community on health related issues. I will collaborate with key people in my community so that we can break the barriers and correct some misconceptions on health issues. On this endeavor, I want to think globally but act locally.

My priority is to raise awareness on the importance of seeking medical attention on time. Globally, I will come up with a network through which we will reach out to the vulnerable in my community on health issues. Locally, I will spearhead the formation of a team whose members will act as agents of change. They will form an outreach team through which we will work towards achieving a shared goal. Led by me, we will raise awareness and health related issues and also identify those with poor accessibility to health care. We will strategize on how to achieve our goal.

Having the government and NGOs support in building hospitals in every village is wonderful, but this might take time to be accomplished. The solutions to our problems lie with us. We can do something with the resources that we have. I choose advocacy as my tool. I will allow the community to own the project we embark on. I will involve the gate keepers in my community, the government and non-governmental organizations to strengthen the linkages through which we will work.

I will also try my best to build the people through building their capacity. Once this is done, we can be able to do much more without dependency on outside help.

In giving back to my community, I want to treat everyone with fairness regardless of ethnicity or tribal difference. Armed with a “Do no Harm” policy, I want to do what I possibly can. I am willing to let go personal ambition and embrace that which benefits my community most.

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