On completing my studies by the end of December 2017, I believe my final destination is Alian community. I am prepared enough s to do something worthwhile for my community. I believe the degree that I will get at the end of my studies in Bugema University, Uganda, will mark the journey towards giving back to my community in a big way. I will go to my community and give financial literacy to the locals. Small business enterprise is practical system that can earn anyone a living such that even the illiterate people can successfully engage in it. I hope to target the women and the poor in the community who are not studying and who mostly depend on handouts from either their husbands or older family members. I hope the knowledge and skills that I will share will allow them to create their small businesses so that they become economically independent. The purpose of wanting to give them the know-how in business is to make sure that I fan the flame in those with entrepreneurship skills. I would like to see the poor in my Alian community learn to think outside the box and become economically empowered. I plan to teach selected groups in my community on how to make local soap, juice and how to manage their income. I hope that they in turn will share it with other community members.

I hope to get more manpower that could help me train more people so that they can to go into the community and educate others. I want to make it easy for the Alian community to get the needed skills that will make them economically independent. This will in turn give them the resiliency they need to rebuild their lives. They could start by redesigning their homes and building on what they already have. I believe that this can cause transformation in the entire community and we can start solving our problems. I want to help the community to apply local solutions to local problems.

LEP has been instrumental in the transformation that is taking place in my life. The support from LEP has opened many avenues to me as well as helped me acquire knowledge and skills. To that I say Bravo LEP!




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