Jacob Anyieth – The Joy of Giving Back to My Community

APRIL BLOG 2017: The Joy of Giving Back to My Community

Most of the south Sudan people have gone for exile due to the instability within the country. Some like myself have gone for exile to either get an education or to further their studies.

Personally, I am in Kenya, at the University of Nairobi, courtesy of the Liliir Education project (LEP) scholarship program. It is through LEP support that I have made it this far in pursuing my dream course, Electrical and Electronic Engineering. I am delighted for the good education am getting.

In spite of the political instability in my country, South Sudan, I do believe that I can still give back to my community in one way or another. I keep thinking of how I can best give back to my community.

Given the fact that my area of study is a practical one, I will be involved directly in the field when I start working. I want to champion the generation of energy to help my community through the use of the biogas plant. I look forward to introducing the use of biogas technology both for cooking and for producing electricity at home as well as in the community schools and in the nearby hospital. I am convicted that the biogas plant can easily be suitable in my community since there are various cattle camps where we can easily collect animal waste to produce the biogas.

On the other hand, I can help my community by coming up with a project that is based on producing solar energy to be used in social amenities, in schools and in hospitals. Currently my community depends on generators that easily break down and are expensive to maintain. This poses a challenge to the common man in need. Furthermore generators can only be afforded by a few people. I have observed that the use of solar energy can go a long way in alleviating some of the persistent problems related with lack of consistent electricity supply in my community. I want to ensure an improved situation in which students can be able to learn anytime including night time. This would prolong their learning hours hence improved performance.   I also want to contribute in ensuring that the patients can easily be helped during emergencies. At the moment, it is quite an uphill task for caretakers, for nurses and for doctors to help in case of emergency due to lack of a steady supply of electricity in the hospital.

I see myself giving back to the community in a way that will greatly impact my people. I do not want to go back looking learned, which will only alienate me from my people. I want to come down to their level and to work together with them to better our community in my area of expertise. This is my vision which I should dogmatically follow though without hesitation. I hope my community takes it positively and runs with it to fulfilment. Should this work, which I believe it will, I will have achieved my mission of giving back to my community. I will have done LEP proud because in educating me in particular they touched the whole community at large. What a resounding joy when I think of giving back to my community in this little ways. I look forward to the fulfilment of this burning desire to better my community that I care about.



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