Month: September 2017

Aguet Nhial – United States of America Remains in the Safety of His Wings

I was saddened to hear from CNN news of the countless destruction and deaths due to hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma in the USA and other hurricanes among its neighbors. Although words are not sufficient to express my condolences at a time like this I want to say sorry to the families who have lost their loved ones and to the entire USA for the devastation caused by these monsters.

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Ateng Kuany – Open Letter United States of America Following Hurricane

We have watched on television and heard through the radio what is utmost unbelievable disasters in your country. I am taking this opportunity to say sorry to you lovely people of United States of America who have faced difficult times with the Hurricanes.

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On my behalf and on behalf of Liliir education project sponsored students, I would like express my heartfelt sympathy for the American citizens affected especially the LEP Board members and our donors, friends and relatives involved in the catastrophe caused by hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.

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Jacob Anyieth – Letter to the United States Following Hurricane

I take this opportunity to sincerely say sorry for what you have gone through in the hands of the monstrous hurricanes. These have been quite unfortunate incidents that happened too close and too intense to bear

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