Ateng Kuany – Open Letter United States of America Following Hurricane

Dear Americans ,

We have watched on television and heard through the radio what is utmost unbelievable disasters in your country. I am taking this opportunity to say sorry to you lovely people of United States of America who have faced difficult times with the Hurricanes.

My first shallow understanding of Hurricane was naïve.  I thought it was just a normal storm but I later came to realize that it is a monster of storms that are sometimes beyond human control. I came to learn of several hurricanes that unfortunately cause destruction, like Hurricane Franklin, Hurricane Gert, Hurricane Jose and of late, Hurricane Harvey,  and Hurricane Irma. My search about Hurricanes led me to these findings: ” The Native of America called these storms Hurakon , after a great spirit who commanded the east wind. The Spanish adapted the word and later began giving the Hurricanes the name of patron saints on whose feast days the storms occurred. Later, Hurricanes were identified by their Longitude and Latitude. Weatherman in Australia is credited to the first person to name the tropical storm after a female. By the second world war, the meteorologists in the US military named the storms after their girlfriends and wives. Atlantic Hurricane began to be given women’s names starting in 1954 and men’s names in 1979.” Basically that’s the little knowledge I have pertaining Hurricanes. The destructions these hurricanes have caused you as a country are beyond what words can express.

I once again convey my sincere and deep sympathy to all natives of USA , those who have been affected directly and those who have been affected indirectly . Rest assured that we are stand with you in prayer and hope that you find the strength to rebuild your lives in all dimensions. We as the LEP family are all affected. To our sponsors we say “Malesh”.  I hope you all find healing in some special way.

Remember that we are together with you.  I hold you dearly in my heart and I choose to pray for you.


Ateng Kuany Daniel.

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