Jacob Anyieth – Letter to the United States Following Hurricane

Dear Americans,

I take this opportunity to sincerely say sorry for what you have gone through in the hands of the monstrous hurricanes. These have been quite unfortunate incidents that happened too close and too intense to bear.

To our sponsors and LEP Board members, we know you probably do not stay in the same location and possibly yourselves, your friends and relatives have been gravely affected.  For those who might have lost friends or relatives, we are really sorry.  As citizens of America, you have felt the blow.

To the whole of America, we are sincerely sorry for the loss of lives and property  that was brought by the hurricanes.

Hearing about what the hurricanes that continue to hit  do keeps us worried but “ in God we trust”.  He is in control.

Take heart America and be strong.



Jacob Ajoh Anyieth.

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