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February: Three Goals – Guor

For the last week of February as it has been designed for three major things; firstly we are going to have Jomo Kenyatta University Students Association (JKUSA)’s election on 25th February 2016 which is our first election under the new

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Guor: December Holiday

Christmas unlike any other day among Christians remain as a red letter that is remarkable ever. On a personal note I took it as a sincere day to me because many Christ all over the world had to put aside

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July 2015: The Evolution of the Vampire State (Guor)

“Here in South Sudan, we have two problems: Rats and Government”, the concentration of economic power in the hands of the state to direct economic activity and the whole battery of controls of prices, exchange rates, interest rates and other

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June 2015: My Experience at Yatta Plateau (Guor)

The word Yatta is driven from Akamba community of Kenya which mean ‘desert or dry land’. This name desert or dry land must have been existent from 1st to 20th centuries when evil practice was reigning over the Akamba region.

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May 2015: African Technology Black Hole (Guor)

Let’s face it: Africa is on the downward slope to perdition as far as technology is concerned. Many people who are not directly confronted with this reality on the continent are usually lured into a false sense that things are

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April 2015: Easter and the Garissa Attacks (Guor)

Good Friday as an invitation of Easter Monday in the Christianity religion was just like any other day in the city of Mombasa. The whole set of things was in an Arabians mood, all that you could see were Muslim

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March 2015: My Personal Experience with Women’s Rights (Guor)

Women in Kenya unlike anywhere on the earth, are continually undergoing the most outrageous life. They are undervalued by their male counterparts through early marriages. Young girls during their academic studies drop out of school so that they should remain

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Feb 2015: Welcome to Nairobi (Guor)

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Jan 2015: My Goal for 2015 (Guor)

Bor County Higher Education Students Forum is a non-political forum where all issues pertaining to Bor County students affairs being discussed and get solved. Having emerged to the second top position of this forum, I am committed to deliver my

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Nov 2014: A Letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon (Guor)

8th November,2014. The Secretary General of the United Nations,                                                                                        UN headquarters, P.O Box NY 7701, New York. Dear Ban Ki Moon. Ref;The United Nations’ undeniable position in South Sudan I hope what i am about to write to you will

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