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June blog: Jacob Ajoh – Taking Responsibility

Taking responsibility simply mean to acknowledge and take charge of the activities that you are responsible in your daily life without authorization from other people or simply to taking role. Taking responsibility is vital part of human being to run

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March Blog: Ajoh – South Sudanese Women as Heroines

THE SOUTH SUDAN WOMEN AS HEROINES The hero or the heroine is simply a person who has done something considerate in the society, country as well as the entire universe. Also they are the people who showed concern and struggle

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Sept 2015: Reconciliation of Crisis in South Sudan (Jacob)

The tribalism has been a common dynamics of political instability and war within the Africa’s countries. In every fighting arise within the country, it is facilitate and accelerate by politicians and they are afterward backed up by the people from

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August Blog 2015: Friend’s Tale (Jacob)

I had a friend who has been in exile for ten years. He accomplished his Form Four in Kenya, then he went back home to visit his family in remote area. At their home, there are many devastating challenges facing

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July Blog 2015: Insecurity (Jacob)

The insecurity is whereby people life as well as their properties are being threated or endangered by certain group of people or certain tribe. The insecurity is the root cause of Africa being left behind in terms of infrastructure development,

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June 2015: My Yatta Experience (Jacob)

The Yatta Trip was so amazing with a lot of learning activities which innovate and motivate our vision and mission individually as well as the progress of our nation, South Sudan in some years to come. It has really cultivated

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May 2015: Illiteracy is a Disaster (Jacob)

The illiteracy is the key problem for Africa crises, especially in South Sudan. To narrow it, the illiteracy is the root cause of all crises undergoing in South Sudan. The inadequate educations of the citizens in South Sudan has deteriorated

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April 2015: Easter and the Garissa Attacks (Jacob)

My Easter holiday wasn’t fantastic due to the insecurity in Kenya. Everybody who is in Kenya was so upset about the terrorists who attacked the Garissa University College during the Easter holiday killing many intellectual comrades. People from all over

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March 2015: My Personal Experience with Women’s Rights (Jacob)

Conceptually, women are considered vulnerable in Africa as well as the entire world but that is not actually true. What men can do, women can do. The main problem affecting women in Kenya is inadequate freedom of expression. For example

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New Student: Introducing Myself (Jacob)

My name is Jacob Ajoh Anyieth. I grew up in our native land ( Bor, Jonglei State) without a Mum and Dad beside me. I was left when I was nine months old by my Mum and Dad due to

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