Author: Jok Nhial

South Sudan

I’m on a plane to a newly independent nation of South Sudan, a country I left many years ago. I get regular updates, but the country has been constantly in civil war for 55 years, and I don’t really know

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Seeing my mom

I haven’t seen my mother in 10 years and I’m eager to see her again. Just like many South Sudanese families, my family is scattered across Sudan and neighboring countries by the civil war. But unlike many other Sudan Lost Boys who went to the United States; I was very fortunate enough to see my mother in 2001 before my departure to the U.S. Although it has been ten years since I saw my mother, I have maintained a very close relationship with her. She is the best mom in the whole world. I talk with her on the phone regularly and she always advised me to appreciate the love and support I get from my American Family.

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South Sudan Trip

First, I would like to give a special thanks to Mary Silk and Mary Dunnam for making this trip to South Sudan possible. Also, I’d like to extend my sincere thank you and appreciation to all our donors. Because of your generosity, we have sponsored two students who are attending quality universities in Nairobi, Kenya—Brent and I will tour their school campuses in January.

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