Thank you for taking this generous step toward promoting education in South Sudan. Your donation will fund college scholarships for the next leaders of South Sudan as well as help build a secondary school in an area where one is currently not available.

There are currently less then a handful of functional secondary schools in all of South Sudan and inadequate university programs. A donation helps build a secondary school and more students like Kou Dut and Ajak Ateng become future leaders of their new nation.

Scholarship costs per student:

  • University Tuition and Fees (per year):  $2,500
  • On a limited basis we also offer need-based living stipends for students with little to no family support for rent, transport, meals, internet, toiletries and hygiene products, and medical expenses.

Please donate to support our effort.

Donate by Mail

To donate by check please send to:

  • Liliir Education Project
  • 6716 East Side Dr. NE, Suite 1
  • Tacoma, WA  98422

Donate Monthly

Monthly Donations