Scholarship Program

Since 2010, the mission of the LEP has been to promote and enhance education and build leaders through our university scholarship program.

Scholarship information

  • Scholarship for a university degree in Kenya or Uganda
    • potential partial monthly living stipend
  • Scholarship may be used for a degree in any discipline


  1. Student must be from Jalle, South Sudan (preference is given to those residing from Alian)
  2. Student must have completed secondary school and prove their completion of secondary school with certificate of completion (or university acceptance letter)
  3. Student must obtain university acceptance

Requirements for Maintaining Scholarship*

  1. Student is obligated to complete undergraduate degree in a 4 year period
  2. Student is required to write blog posts once a month on the Liliir Education website
  3. StudentĀ  must maintain good academic standing, as determined by the LEP board
  4. Student is required to engage in community service
  5. Student is required to read, understand, and follow the LEP Beneficiary Handbook
  6. Upon university completion, student is obligated to provide one year of educational service in South Sudan: as a teacher in a primary or secondary school or through a non-profit organization selected by the LEP

*Extenuating circumstances subject to LEP Board of Directors review


Please fill out an application, if you have trouble with the online version, email to get the scholarship in Word form.

For any questions or comments please email

We look forward to getting to know you!